The Collision of Will and the Constraining Love of Christ

It is the power of God working conversion in the lives of men (and women) as men choose to embrace the love of God in and through Christ's propitiation that was demonstrated for all. For God has indeed made Himself known - yet most will deny Him and deny His love. But those who truly … Continue reading The Collision of Will and the Constraining Love of Christ

Connect Locally – James Mission: Nowata

I know that this is slightly a different type of post for me, but I wanted to take a moment, before we move away from the area, to recognize a very worth while ministry outreach in the Nowata / Bartlesville, OK area. Over the course of the last 2 years or so, I have been … Continue reading Connect Locally – James Mission: Nowata

Persecution: It Takes The President – Be Ashamed!

I know what you may be thinking, you're thinking, this guy is going to write another article supporting President Trump, well you're wrong! This article really is not centered on Donald Trump, nor really even Christian persecution. Rather, my topic is centered on pastors, preachers, leaders in the professing church.[1] There is without a doubt, … Continue reading Persecution: It Takes The President – Be Ashamed!

The Impact of Study

THE IMPACT OF STUDY The Testimony of Spurgeon's Brother by Don Currin Young Charles Spurgeon (age 17), who was already the pastor of a church of 450 congregants in Waterbeach, was in earnest prayer as to whether he should go to college to prepare for the ministry. Did he really need to obtain a formal … Continue reading The Impact of Study

Helps for the new and young Christian

Welcome to another new year and another new season in history as another new president has come into office in the United States. As this year begins, many changes are happening in our family as well. I have recently accepted a new position in Wisconsin and will be moving in the next few weeks. The … Continue reading Helps for the new and young Christian

How Are We Being Moved?

"Then Jesus, moved with compassion, stretched out His hand and touched him, and said to him, 'I am willing; be cleansed.'" Mark 1:41 In this day in age we seemed to moved about so many things. But are we being 'moved with compassion?' Oh how we are to be moved with compassion over souls who … Continue reading How Are We Being Moved?

Who is this Jesus?

Watch on YouTube   Who is this Jesus? In the beginning mankind, being formed by Almighty God Himself, was set upon the earth. Man was to tend to God’s creation and under the boundaries of godliness and the very best way for his life. Soon though, mankind sinned. Resulting effects of the direct defiance and … Continue reading Who is this Jesus?

Relying Upon The Bible’s Testimony

"Every word proves true..." Proverbs 30:5 As the new year is rapidly approaching, people often tend to make new commitments and resolutions. There is just something about starting anew that gives us a sense of having a clean slate. I would like to challenge us all and see how we really believe concerning the Bible's … Continue reading Relying Upon The Bible’s Testimony

Nearness of God

The Nearness of God “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.” Psalm 73:28 I can relate with the Psalmist in Psalm 73. Oh how easy it is to look at people and desire the things … Continue reading Nearness of God