Behold your God – Why this study?

Behold your God

Usefulness and Necessity of this study

After having gone through this study myself, I find that it is greatly needed in the life of every professing believer, especially in our day and age. This study is of course is nothing but a means, but one, I whole heartily believe, that is truly God-honoring, Christ-centered and truly a humble, clear and powerful clarion call.

 Who is this study for?

This study is geared for all professing Christians of various years experience, and is exceptionally helpful for the leaders, pastors, teachers, elders, and etc.

Why this study?

Many today in the professing Christian church are in great danger. Many have either a very wrong “boast” in life and/or have allowed the “fallow ground” to take over their lives. I ask many to give an account for the hope that is in them, and the answers that come back range from works, to ‘church’ attendance, but so few can actually “give an account for the hope in them.” Many yet believe that they know all about the true grace of God and the Gospel, and have no need to hear biblical truth regarding these essentials. “If anyone imagines that he knows something, he does not yet know as he ought to know.” 1 Corinthians 8:2 ESV

Fruits of this study?

I believe the fruits of this study, Lord willing, will lead to:

  1. A more true and powerful walk with God for every individual
  2. Repentance and growth of various kinds in Christ, including a deep personal examination in light of the Scriptures
  3. An increase in both personal and small group discipleship and accountability
  4. Result in the increase of a right personal and public worship of God
  5. Result in a right “boasting” – Jeremiah 9:23-24
  6. Result in the “plowing up” of “fallow ground” – Jeremiah 4:3; Hosea 10:12