Behold your God

We have started!

Contact me for future “Behold your GOD” studies in the Bartlesville area.

We are excited to announce a very powerful Bible study, and in my opinion, the best studymaterial there is in regards to the re-focusing our vision onto our great God. This study is open to anyone and would be great for the entire family, especially church leaders today.

You do NOT want to miss this!

What you need to know

When does it start? Tuesday, March 1st

What time? 6:30pm

Where? Grace Community Church – 1500 S.E. Kings Dr., Bartlesville, OK

Who is invited? Anyone desiring to know God, to draw near to God, to know the truth about the One True God, and to know a true and powerful Christianity.

Why this study? After having gone through this study myself, I find that it is greatly needed in the life of every professing believer, especially in our day and age. This study is of course is nothing but a means, but one, I whole heartily believe, that is truly God-honoring, Christ-centered and truly a humble, clear and powerful clarion call. Read more here…

Cost? The workbook ranges from $12. If you cannot afford it, no worries!

What is the duration? 12 weeks total.

What about childcare? Let me know how many and the ages – T.B.A.

How do I sign up? Contact Jeremy Strang: or comment via this blog.

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How does the study work?

What is Our Greatest Need?

Introductory Video

Material / Topics / Outline

Each week’s DVD is made up of three segments. The historical introduction is a short biographical sketch of the life of a significant figure from Christian history whose ministry illustrates the truths that you have been studying that week. These were all filmed on location in Wales, England, Scotland, and North America.

  • A. W. Tozer in “Week 1 – Beholding God: The Great Attraction” (Chicago, IL)
  • Timothy Dwight in “Week 2 – Beholding God: Clearing the Way For Our Return” (Yale University)
  • George Muller in “Week 3 – Beholding God: In the Bible” (Bristol, England)
  • Samuel Rutherford in “Week 4 – Beholding God: In the Face of Jesus Christ” (Anwoth, Scotland)
  • George Whitefield in “Week 5 – Beholding God: In the Work of Salvation”(Newburyport, MA)
  • Robert Murray M’Cheyne in “Week 6 – Beholding God and the Response of Personal Holiness” (Dundee, Scotland)
  • Charles Spurgeon in “Week 7 – Beholding God: Restoring Worship in Our Lives”(London, England),
  • Daniel Rowland in “Week 8 – Beholding God and Evangelism” (Llangeitho, Wales)
  • Amy Carmichael in “Week 9 – Beholding God and Our Christian Service” (Keswick, England)
  • Charles Finney in “Week 10 – Beholding a Lesser God?” (Anytown, USA)
  • D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in “Week 11 – Beholding God: Avoiding the Lies of Pragmatism”(London, England)
  • Jonathan Edwards in “Week 12 – Seeking the God We Are Beholding” (New Haven, CT)


After the introduction, a sermon from Dr. Snyder reinforces what you have been studying in the Bible that week. Finally, you will be able to listen to highlights from interviews with contemporary ministers whose lives and labors reflect these same truths. These include Paul WasherRichard Owen RobertsJordan ThomasAnthony MatheniaEifion EvansAndrew Davies, and Conrad Mbewe. Comments from men whose gospel labors range from Peru, Ethiopia, Virginia, and Memphis to New Zealand, England, Wales, Ireland, and Zambia help to show that these are eternal truths about an eternal God who is not altered by any temporal or geographical context.


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