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 Brian Long

Christian. Husband. Father. Preacher. Rancher.

brianlongThis page contains links and messages of Brian Long.

Brian is a dear brother and friend and he desires that his preaching would glorify our great God through the preaching of His Word in the truth of His Son. Many have been encouraged, edified, helped and convicted through brother Brian’s preaching. If you wish to have Brian speak at your event, simply leave a message on the Contact page.

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Coming Persecution and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Men Like Noah In Days Like Noah 

Recently Brian preached a message at the “Let Us Rise Men’s Conference” in Barnsdall, OK. Brian preached a powerful message, one I dare say every man today needs to hear, called, “Men Like Noah In Days Like Noah.” Brian sounds a clear clarion call for the men of our day to: Wake Up, Get Up, Clean Up, Stand Up, Build Up, Never Give Up, & Look Up.

Fresh Encounter with God Conference

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The Humility of Christ

Conference Call

Brian Long shares a powerful message on the Humility of Christ. He reads this message on a prayer revival conference call. Hear afresh the humility of our precious Lord and how this challenges us to follow in His ways.

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A Desperate Hour Calls For A Radical Response

When the Glory of God Returns

A Powerful Story of God’s Incredible Grace, Mercy and Healing