AFM Ministry Announcement: Neema Christian Academy

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 Download NCA Announcement We at About-Face Missions are excited to announce we have launched the beginnings of our all new primary school in Bungoma, Kenya called, Neema Christian Academy (NCA). In Swahili ‘neema’ …

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Want to Grow Deeper in the Word in 2019 ?

I remember about 15 years ago a dear brother in Christ, a man who befriended me and mentored me, gave me some very good advice. He told me if I wanted to know who our God is more, growing deeper with Him and in His word, and to begin a daily habit of reading my Bible, he …

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Texas to Kenya: A Two Year Rewind

Ironically enough two years ago today we were traveling the same roads to our new (temporary) home in Kenya. Happy 2 crazy blessed years to us! We had no clue what lay before us but we were as ready as we could be. For anyone who hasn't been following our story from the beginning let me recap "quickly".

Praying for Another to the Chief End

Praying for Another to the Chief End So often I hear, and of course read on social media, people saying, "I will pray for you". Whenever I hear this two questions immediately come to mind: 1.) I wonder if they will indeed pray? 2.) To what chief end will be their prayer if they do …

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Beauty of Repentance

Beauty of Repentance. Repentance is not a cruel task that one performs as the demands of a harsh taskmaster; rather it is a beautiful response to a true, grace-giving God who is just, mighty, merciful. The beauty is found in the turning towards, and realization that, Jesus is all beautiful and that our sinful, selfish …

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No Man Cares For My Soul

"No one cares for my soul." Powerful clip from Richard Owen Roberts. Listen to all of this clip. You may never be the same in how you reach out to others.   If you need help, please reach out. Here is my story for as an example for you that there is hope.   …

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Attention Ladies (and men)

This article is from a dear sister, Stephanie Bys, who is a missionary in one of the poorest regions of the world. She and her husband and children gave up their careers, sold their possessions and moved to help teach and care for the poorest of the poor. They have faced opposition from so called …

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