Think It Not Strange: Fiery Trials & Testimony of Christ

Have you been struggling with balancing the idea of suffering for Christ in persecution and living in such a way as to constantly be about the defense of yourself or your country? John Piper gave this message, "Think It Not Strange: Fiery Trials and the Testimony of Christ," in January of 2016 to a large … Continue reading Think It Not Strange: Fiery Trials & Testimony of Christ


“Take that ‘motherf——‘ Bible and shoot the ‘sun of a —–‘!”

"Take that 'motherf------' Bible and shoot the 'sun of a -----'!" No, this is not a joke nor a quiz for you to fill in the blanks. This is not some way to merely grab your attention nor a fake little story. But, this is something that I was told this morning. Long story short: … Continue reading “Take that ‘motherf——‘ Bible and shoot the ‘sun of a —–‘!”

Suffering and Advancing – Persecution

Suffering & Advancing Realities of A True Christian (Amazon) / eBook / free pdf Due to the current events of our day, and the continuing rise in persecution that is spreading abroad, I thought I would share this from my last book, Realities of A True Christian.   “Greater love has no one than this, … Continue reading Suffering and Advancing – Persecution

God’s Faithfulness and Correction

Last Saturday at our prayer meeting, we opened with Psalm 89:27-37. God's faithfulness to David and Israel is astounding. Even more so, God is faithful to His Son and those who would take up their cross and follow after Him. It is my hope and prayer that you find incredible joy and peace and praise … Continue reading God’s Faithfulness and Correction

Jeremy’s Update Day 6 – “Suffering”

This is a small video post updating my progress as of day 6 since my injury. I find it much easier to post a video than to type to much of any extent. May you be blessed and our Lord glorified. Peace and blessings all! bro jeremy   PS. Here is the message I preached … Continue reading Jeremy’s Update Day 6 – “Suffering”

Prayer and Praying Men and Women

"Lord, stamp eternity on my eyeballs." Jonathan Edwards If there has been anything the Lord has been impressing upon me, deeper and deeper, and almost everyday of my salvation since May of 2001, it is this, seek the present reality of God, in power, in truth, in communion, and this all bathed outside the limelight … Continue reading Prayer and Praying Men and Women

You Follow Me

“You follow Me!” (John 21:22 ESV)   All you who are weary and heavy laden;[1] you who are poor in spirit;[2] you who hunger for righteousness;[3] you who mourn;[4] you who are persecuted for righteousness sake;[5] - “You follow Me!”   You who do not understand the injustices of this world; you who are looking … Continue reading You Follow Me

Suicide and Salvation

Suicide and Salvation.This is one of the best answers regarding the subject of suicide and salvation for the true Christian. Only about 10 minutes. May want to hear one of the sermons on this as well.Too many professing Christians are either ignorant to the Scriptures or foolishly condemn others, absence of love, and full of … Continue reading Suicide and Salvation

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